South Africa

Exclusive guide to the best holiday destinations in South Africa, independent reviews from award-winning travel writers

MannaBay Boutique Hotel

Staring out of the floor-to-ceiling glass windows of my extraordinary Black and White room at MannaBay I was having a moment. Not quite an epiphany you understand, but mighty close to one.

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Southern Sun The Cullinan

Rising like an elegant colonial Grand Dame The Cullinan has such distinctive architecture you can spot it from almost anywhere in Cape Town. Yet, despite its classical veneer, it is a relatively new build and without a doubt the signature property of South African hospitality group Southern Sun.

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African Vineyard Guest House

In a land where outdoor cooking is an art that inspired Braii-Master, a Masterchef spin-off, African Vineyard with its fragrant gardens is the perfect location for lamb chops, kudo sausages, maize porridge and fig jam.

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!Xaus Lodge, The Kalahari Desert

Dune 91 is a remarkable address for !Xaus Safari Lodge. n the heart of the Kalahari Desert, the luxurious lodge is a jolting 70-minute drive, along a red sand rough track, from the nearest tarmac road.

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