Cape Town

One&Only, Cape Town

01/11/2018 by .

The differentiator at the top end of the luxury travel market is the opportunity to have a captivating story to tell that with which to engage your friends and colleagues when you return.
Since its high-profile opening in 2009 when A-lister global celebrities flitted in to launch The One&Only Cape Town, this resort-style hotel in the epicentre of Cape Town’s Waterfront development has matured like a good wine.

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Lodging and eating around Constantia’s wine lands

22/08/2018 by .

Wine has been produced in the Constantia area of South Africa’s Western Cape since the late 1600s  and Constantia Wine or Vin d Constance, still highly acclaimed and collectable, was so feted it was written about by Austen, Dickens and Baudelaire and, after purchasing more than 1,126 litres of it, on his deathbed, Napoleon Bonaparte refused any other drink. 

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Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel

25/06/2018 by .

Like any grande dame, nips and tucks over the years have substantially altered this luxury hotel but the 119 year-old Cape Town, South African institution, the pink-hued Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel, still feels as historic and yet as contemporary as ever. 

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The Silo Hotel, Cape Town

22/05/2018 by .

The grain silos and adjoining lift were once the tallest buildings in Africa apart from the Pyramids at Giza. Although no longer so, the price point of The Silo Hotel may still well be as the hotel positions itself as Cape Town’s most desired bed.

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Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront

06/04/2018 by .

Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront; trendy bars, eateries, eclectic shops. And tourists. Lots of them. Much like London’s Docklands, once derelict shipyards have been transformed into one of Cape Town’s most popular attractions.

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Tintswalo Atlantic Hotel

05/04/2018 by .

“Okay Andy, just stand there with your back to the ocean and throw it!” I’m taking part in Tintswalo’s traditional farewell ceremony and General Manager Ryno is making sure I don’t mess it up. After all, throwing a stone over your shoulder and making a wish at the same time is a complicated business.

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