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Dorsett Hotel Shanghai

06/10/2017 by .

As China hurtles through to its new future there will be inevitable be surprises for every first time visitor to the country.  My own particular myth buster was finding a quirky, colourful, boutique hotel in Shanghai and the Dorsett Hotel Shanghai was the perfect fit.

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The Welcombe Hotel

24/08/2017 by .

The atmosphere was just right; sitting in a large but graceful dining room and looking out over an Italian garden – and beyond to  30 miles of rolling countryside.   This was the romantic setting for our first dinner at the Welcombe Hotel, an elegant manor house, situated just outside Stratford on Avon.

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Grand Hotel Amrath

01/06/2016 by .

Quite often when on holiday, I stay in a hotel and from there go and visit the local art galleries.  This conventional way of doing things was rather turned on its head during a recent stay in Amsterdam, as Grand Hotel Amrath is a piece of art in itself – a historic and architectural gem both inside and outside.

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Rio de Janeiro. There’s more to Rio than beach

25/02/2016 by .

“Rio de Janeiro is a magical place to be” many people told me.  I remembered this as I crossed the road from the eminent Copacabana Palace Hotel and lay on the legendary shoreline, enjoying the sun and glancing up the hill towards the iconic outstretched figure of “Christ the Redeemer”.

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Hotel Riu Palace Tenerife

08/12/2015 by .

What gin would I like for my G & T?   The list is long and after a time I finally opt for Miller’s with lemon zest, orange slices and fennel seeds.   It’s refreshing, but by far the best part is drinking it on the terrace of  the Hotel Riu Palace Tenerife overlooking the sea on, a warm November evening.

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Slack Deux Caps Art Festival

23/06/2015 by .

The coast, between Calais and Bologne sur-Mer, just across the English Channel is relatively undiscovered by visitors and it may because of this that an outdoor art exhibition has been mounted on some of its most scenic points.  Slack Deux Caps art festival is running between,  20th June  to 20th September 2015 and the idea is that the art fits  seamlessly into the landscape. 

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