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Bluespoon Andaz Amsterdam

21/06/2017 by .

Amsterdam is almost unique in hiding so many of its top restaurants within hotels.  But exquisite canalside locations must be fully exploited, especially the loveliest of them, Prinsengracht, and are bound to inspire the kind of rarefied culinary experience Bluespoon delivers on the ground floor of the Andaz Amsterdam.

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Nimb Hotel

31/05/2017 by .

Were it not for its elegant, grown-up decor and  more than 100 years of history, you’d be tempted to liken the Nimb Copenhagen to the Disneyland Hotel in Paris.  Here are Denmark’s very own top lodgings with the face of a fairytale fantasy owned by the capital’s prime tourist attraction and offering free entry in with the room rate.

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The Andersen Boutique Hotel

22/05/2017 by .

It could be the bright, funky decor of the Andersen Boutique Hotel that keeps it permanently full – or perhaps it’s that rare commodity in Copenhagen, free wine.  The daily 5pm “wine hour” at this popular hostelry is certainly bound to be an attraction in a country where bottles are not cheap.

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Amass Restaurant

16/05/2017 by .

Amass is the very essence of today’s trending Copenhagen restaurants, serving up inspired local fare in a stripped-back yet sumptuous space deep within a far-flung neighbourhood changing so fast that by 2018 it will be the hottest place to dine in town.

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Kodbyens Fiskebar

12/05/2017 by .

It may not be in quite the same category as Noma, four times voted World’s Best Restaurant, but Kodbyens Fiskebar proves visitors can find original food in a happening Copenhagen restaurant which doesn’t, like many of those opened by Noma alumnae, cost an arm and a leg.

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Royal Beach Eilat

09/05/2017 by .

The Royal Beach Eilat may not be the only five-star hotel gracing the Red Sea resort’s broad and beautiful promenade, but it is certainly the most sophisticated.

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