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Fairmont Mara Safari Club

14/03/2018 by .

“Seriously Jonathan, are you sure this is safe?” It’s 5 pm and I’m standing in an open-sided Land Cruiser in the Maasai Mara, four feet from a pride of wild lions.

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Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

12/03/2018 by .

If landing on a grassy airstrip in a 12 seater Cessna isn’t exciting enough, learning that Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club was once the home of Hollywood actor William Holden is the perfect sundowner.

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Fairmont The Norfolk

07/03/2018 by .

It’s a memorable way to arrive in Nairobi. Straight out of the airport, next to the first roundabout a herd of wild zebra are grazing. “Look,” says Joseph my driver, “they’re here to personally welcome you to Nairobi.”

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