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Afternoon Tea at the Savoy

29/03/2018 by .

Who are the guests selling out the lounge of the Savoy – a much grander room than the name “Thames Foyer” suggests – with their demand for a £65 afternoon blow-out? 

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Insider Guide to Orkney

28/03/2018 by .

For today’s visitors, Orkney is a charming and beguiling place; charismatic, enthralling, enlightening, and tantalisingly close to the Scottish mainland, just 10 miles away.

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African Vineyard Guest House

28/03/2018 by .

Back in the 19th century, Kanoneiland, a lush island formed by a fork in South Africa’s Orange River was a bandits’ hideaway. A messy incident with a DIY cannon, during the Frontier Wars, gave the island its current name.

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Nespresso Gran Maestria Titanium

25/03/2018 by .

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat. I am mad about real coffee. I bore my friends senseless about aroma, strength, intensity and crema. The fact of it is, I am old school. I love the process of grinding beans and brewing a fresh cup of espresso the old fashioned way, and bless it, my Baby Gaggia is like family to me. That is until I tried out a Nespresso Gran Maestria Titanium.

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Insider Guide to Basel

17/03/2018 by .

Is Basel, the art hub with culture unlimited, hot on the heels of Geneva in the race for weekend-break Travel Oscars? And is the city on the Rhine leading the charge of the land-of-milk-and-money up the global happiness leagues?

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AirHelp Launches Compensation Checking tool

15/03/2018 by .

New compensation checking tool can Identify missed claims from flight disruptions going back three years.

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