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The Road to Paradise on Mount Tateyama

30/12/2017 by .

In the town of Tateyama, around 400km North West of Tokyo, blindfolded women walk to paradise during the sacred ritual of Nunobashi Kanjoe.

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Elvis Triangle from Tennessee to Mississippi

29/12/2017 by .

For Elvis fans, Tennessee and Mississippi are definitely the must visit states – you can follow his life from the lowly two room shack where he was born, to the hit studio where he made his first recordings, the mansion where he lived until he died, and his final resting place. Fly into Memphis or Nashville, they’re about 3 hours apart, rent a car and stop off at Tupelo on the way.

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Bass and Lobster Food House

22/12/2017 by .

You know Gorey, even if you’ve never been there. It is Jersey’s go-to visual image for brochures and postcards, a picturesque crescent of traditional fishing-boat harbour with a backdrop of castle and green hills. So, the Bass and Lobster, informally named not as a restaurant but a Food House, located in Gorey, has the dream location.

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“Les Glorieuses” de Bresse

21/12/2017 by .

How far would you travel for a chicken?  More than 6000 miles if you’re one of the gourmet Japanese who are crazy about poulet de Bresse, the first livestock to be awarded an AOC and the only bird Francois Hollande would consider serving in the Elysee Palace.  Brits may barely have heard of them, but apparently the Japanese adore them.

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21/12/2017 by .

There are some things you just shouldn’t muck around with.  You wouldn’t want the “Hallelujah Chorus” suddenly interrupted by a guitar solo from Slash.  Your Armani suit wouldn’t look any better with a touch of Top Shop around the pockets.  And please don’t say you’d ever buy a brown Ferarri.

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British Airways Launches Mandarin Speaking Team At Heathrow

19/12/2017 by .

British Airways has introduced Mandarin-speaking customer service representatives at Heathrow Terminal 5.

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