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The Great Barrier Reef

30/09/2015 by .

Dipping my head under the water and experiencing Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for the first time, I feel I’ve stepped uninvited into  a colourful underwater world where sea life is busily going about its business just like it has for thousands of years. I have to admit I feel a bit of a voyeur, just staring at all the busyness going on around me and then I realise no one down here is remotely interested, even the giant clams seem to look at me in a disdainful sort of way. It’s a busy life and everyone’s got somewhere to go.

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Travelling Kentucky

28/09/2015 by .

Joe is driving me to Covington, after picking me up at Cincinnati airport, which happens to be in Kentucky and not Ohio but that’s another story. The point is, he casually mentions “I’m picking up Tony Bennett next.” I can’t help feeling a little bit special now, having Tony play second fiddle to me, clearly, I’m thinking, Northern Kentucky is a very welcoming part of the world. Joe it transpires, is the Covington chauffeur to the stars; Elton John, and even Kiss front man Gene Simmons are regular passengers. I feel my special status expanding by the second.

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Kilkenny. Friendliest city in the world?

23/09/2015 by .

Kilkenny, only 90 minutes south of Dublin has been voted one of the friendliest cities in the world. It was also Ireland’s tidiest town in 2014. No wonder. Locals talked to us nonstop about nothing and everything and I never saw a stray ice cream wrapper or a crumpled greasy chip bag during my stay in this beautiful medieval masterpiece along the ‘Ancient East’ route.

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APH untangles airport parking

21/09/2015 by .

Award winning airport parking company APH with over 35 years of operating experience is offering tips to ensure air passengers can avoid parking pitfalls at UK airports. The guide is intended to provide a clearer path to parking and help passengers avoid unauthorised operators. Here,TripReporter offers a preview of  the APH airport parking guide.

Ensure It’s Not Too Good To Be True

Reputable operators invest large amounts of money to ensure customers’ cars are safe; from having well-maintained transfer coaches to 24-hour security staff, these are all areas rogue firms skip to maximise profits at the customers’ expense. So, if customers are tempted by a fee that significantly undercuts the prevailing market – it’s likely they will end up paying the price in other ways.

Choose Park Mark-Approved Car Parks Where Possible

The Safer Parking Scheme is a national standard for UK car parks that have low-crime and measures in place to ensure the safety of people and vehicles. A Park Mark is awarded to each car park that achieves challenging standards.

Choose a Gatwick Approved Operator For Meet and Greet

Gatwick Airport runs an Approved Operator Scheme to ensure passengers can leave their car with confidence when using meet and greet services at the airport. This is a vital tool to help avoid passenger’s cars being left on public streets or unprotected wasteland.

Check out genuine reviews

Looking at how previous customers rate a parking company is a great way to gauge how reputable it is. However, make sure reviews are genuine and are curated by an independent, external site, such as TripReporter These cannot be tampered with by the car park operator and passengers should make sure that reviews contain negative as well as positive reviews.


Check The Company Physically Exists

Make sure the website has a Contact Us section that displays a physical address for correspondence – and not just a registered office. Customers should also consider entering the address into Google Maps and clicking the Streetview option to see just how real it looks.

Search Companies House For Information

The government offers a free service allowing customers to search its Companies House Database of registered companies. This can provide customers with a company’s information such as how long a business has been established and a list of its directors.

Trust Experience, It Tells A Long Story

Customers should not underestimate the power of experience if they want to find a safe and secure space for their vehicle. It’s likely a firm that’s been operating for decades has remained in business because of returning customers and word-of-mouth recommendations

Nick Caunter, Managing Director for Airport Parking and Hotels (APH) says, We understand how easy it is to be attracted to low prices, but for any parking services described as ‘Meet & Greet’ it’s important to note that the low price comes with a huge risk. When provided by a reputable operator, ‘Meet & Greet’ parking is a premium service, so we’d urge consumers to look very carefully at the tips in this article before they decide to entrust their car with anyone offering a price that looks too good to be true. The full guide can be found at APH

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British Airways completes 747 refit

21/09/2015 by .

The first of 18 British Airways refitted Boeing 747s complete with refreshed interior and new in-flight entertainment system has taken to the skies from Heathrow to New York JFK.

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Vueling partners with BA on Italy and Spain routes

21/09/2015 by .

Barcelona based Spanish airline Vueling partners with BA on its Italian and Spanish routes with the news that the airline is adding its flight code to more than 30 BA flights this Autumn.

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