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Discovering Detroit. The Comeback City.

24/05/2017 by .

Andy Mossack discovers a whole new Detroit, re-emerging from the ashes of bankruptcy. it really is the Comeback City.

“We didn’t come here just to play, we came to pray too.” Martha Reeves is reminiscing as we sit together in Motown’s original Studio A on West Grand Boulevard. Perhaps all that praying paid off, as Detroit’s recent revival is nothing short of a miracle.

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Travel Guide to Philadelphia

Some have called it New York without the attitude (and the traffic), others the birth place of freedom and liberty, but whatever you call it, with all those delicious cheesesteaks, tax free shopping on clothes and shoes, and more history in a square mile than anywhere else in the USA, Here is my travel guide […]

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Lanchid 19 Design Hotel

With Buda Castle towering high above you and the glorious Danube flowing by your side next to the legendary Chain Bridge, you will have everything that is in historic Budapest at your very fingertips. You’ll even be standing above the medieval ruins of a water tower as you walk across the transparent lobby floor.

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Kempinski Hotel Corvinus

Any hotel that lends its name to a former king has to be confident its service and facilities can live up to the regal billing. And when you come to think of it, any guest should be made to feel like a proper member of the royal family anyway.

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Naples: The Paradise Coast lives up to its name.

“Hold on to your hats folks, we’re going to do a 360 degree turn!”  I think it was at this moment I fell helplessly and totally in love with Captain Harry and Odin, his stupidly powerful 820 hp jet boat.

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Daios Cove Hotel. Luxury straight from the Gods

Admittedly it was 4.30am and I might not have been functioning at full speed, but when the taxi dropped me off at the Daios Cove hotel reception, I swear I was staring at an angel.

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Iceland. The Elvin Queen at the Top of the World

Iceland sits atop the world like an Elvin queen; her stunning beauty there for all to see, but beware of the deadly temper awaiting underneath that veneer, boiling away below the surface, bursting out fire and brimstone if her day’s not turning out too good.

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