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More Jackets for Anywhere

15/09/2017 by .

Cellhire MIFI for USA

While roaming fees in the EU have been dramatically reformed, with many now coming under our monthly data plans, using roaming in the USA is entirely different matter. Cellhire MIFI for USA solves that problem.

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Carry On Bags Review

If you’re travelling in parts of the world where pavements don’t exist and the road is full of holes, a bag which converts from a case to a rucksack, is the perfect solution. So here is my recommended carry on bags review from my many travels.

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IJP Design Waterproof Golf clothing

Golf is tough enough for me on a sunny dry day, so its doubly difficult when I’m faced with playing a round in rain and driving wind. Given the choice, I’ll pass, but there times when you just can’t; the monthly medal perhaps, or a winter competition or it’s a corporate golf day of some sort. Either way, the last thing I want is to bet and cold but finding good reliable waterproof golf clothing is a challenge; they’re either reliably leaky or much too bulky to swing properly.

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Adlens Interface Digital Eye Strain Solution

Adlens Interface digital eye strain solution is to protect our eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by digital screens through a pair of glasses containing adjustable tinted lenses.

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AirPortr. Baggage free and loving it

It’s early morning and I’m travelling on the DLR to London City Airport and having a panic attack. Lost in my novel, I had looked up to check where I was and suddenly realised I had no luggage with me. That second of incomprehension was holding hands with another thought, that I had left it all behind.

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OGIO Endurance 9.0 Kit Bag

As the Russian saying goes “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” there is a certain comfort in having the right equipment no matter what it is. After all, if it it’s been specifically designed to a particular job, then letting it do its thing is always preferable to just making do with something else. The OGIO Endurance 9.0 Kit Bag is a perfect example.

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