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Jackets for anywhere

06/01/2017 by .

As all seasoned travellers know, the trick is to use layering for optimum temperature control. These two jackets represent both extremes, linen for those balmy tropics and duck down for arctic wastes. Pack both of them and with these jackets for anywhere, you’re ready to deal with almost anything the weatherman can throw at you.

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AirPortr. Baggage free and loving it

It’s early morning and I’m travelling on the DLR to London City Airport and having a panic attack. Lost in my novel, I had looked up to check where I was and suddenly realised I had no luggage with me. That second of incomprehension was holding hands with another thought, that I had left it all behind.

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OGIO Endurance 9.0 Kit Bag

As the Russian saying goes “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” there is a certain comfort in having the right equipment no matter what it is. After all, if it it’s been specifically designed to a particular job, then letting it do its thing is always preferable to just making do with something else. The OGIO Endurance 9.0 Kit Bag is a perfect example.

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Steel Series 9H Gaming Headset

If you are the type of person who simply yearns for a great gaming experience you need to have a couple of important things in tow. A top of the range graphics card, and a headset that’s meaty enough to deliver an in-game audio experience which matches the stunning visuals top games are capable of […]

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Samsonite Ultimocabin review. Cabin size cases with muscle.

Let me start by saying I am unashamedly a Samsonite fan. There I’ve said it. Let’s face it, a travel writer’s luggage has plenty of opportunity to experience its fair share of knocks and scrapes and my Samsonites have stood up to the test. I have however longed for a cabin sized case which has a separate front pocket for tablets and laptops so you can easily extract them at security. And just like the cavalry arriving the Samsonite Ultimocabin solves this issue perfectly.

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Heat holders keep the heating on inside

The UK may well have experienced its warmest summer for years, but the bad news is we are more likely to get a very cold winter too. In extreme situations you need extreme solutions and there is no doubting when it comes to making sure you keep warm outside, heat holders keep the heating on […]

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Samsonite Lite Cube DLX

The best thing about a classic is you can bring out a deluxe version and it’s still a classic but this time it’s got bells on it. Samsonite has long been applauded on TripReporter for consistently producing quality, durable and lightweight luggage no matter what the size or needs and the Samsonite Lite Cube DLX is another belter.

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