Sonicare DiamondClean takes brushing to a new level.

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Let me say first off that I’m a big fan of the Sonicare brand. It has single handedly saved my gums from total atrophy and managed to keep my dental state very healthy and that’s a fact.

That said, you have to wonder how you can improve a product that is already a world beater. The Sonicare system is based around an electronic brush speed in the thousands coupled with a sonic signal that apparently loosens plaque from your teeth and gums. There have been a few modifications to it over the years, a more streamlined handle, an ultra violet brush head cleaner, but essentially it’s the same brush and not worthy of an upgrade investment.

The new DiamonClean however is another story altogether. This is a leap into cosmetic dentistry, a very clever move that will appeal to all of us desperate for that Hollywood smile.

There’s a new diamond shape brush shape – a bit like a mullet which Philips claim allows for a greater number of bristles which in turn reap even more havoc on plaque and help whiten teeth in the process. But the main science in the new model is in the actual brush modes. In addition to the standard sensitive and gum care modes, there are two new ones; white and polish which ensure your teeth get the maximum opportunity to keep clean.

There’s also a travel innovation in that the Sonicare can charge up via a USB port allowing us more versatility whilst on the go. I can see myself now on the plane, my notebook open and my Sonicare attached to it Very travel professional.

There’s also a lovely final touch in the charging stakes, the toothbrush comes with its own mouth rinse glass into which the brush sits charging when it’s not used.


Sonicare DiamondClean £250

Sonicare Diamond Clean



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