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Bluespoon Andaz Amsterdam

21/06/2017 by .

Amsterdam is almost unique in hiding so many of its top restaurants within hotels.  But exquisite canalside locations must be fully exploited, especially the loveliest of them, Prinsengracht, and are bound to inspire the kind of rarefied culinary experience Bluespoon delivers on the ground floor of the Andaz Amsterdam.

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Brasserie Blanc. St. Albans

The good people of St. Albans should know a thing or two about fine food, after all, the High Street is awash with well known upscale restaurants. So when my waiter at Brasserie Blanc tells me “50% of our customers are regulars” I think to myself, “if that isn’t a sign of approval, I don’t know what is.”

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Garces Trading Company

Any restaurant which has a whole help yourself section dedicated to home made olive oils and balsamic vinegars is fully approved as far as I am concerned. Fortunately, the food and wine at Garces Trading Company is equally impressive, so I’m approving on both counts.

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London Steakhouse Company City

There was once a time when Middlesex Street was called Petticoat Lane and the area was intensely poor. Times have changed and these days Middlesex Street is awash with restaurants and bars and the feeling is intensely well to do. The London Steakhouse Company City sits proudly in the centre of all this looking very much at home here.

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Fork Restaurant

I’m sitting across from owner Ellen Yin in Fork Restaurant and she’s telling me about her journey from being a healthcare professional to serious restaurateur. It is a story no different perhaps than those from other successful entrepreneurs; drive, ambition and a passion to achieve personal success.

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Mestizo Mexican Restaurant

London is short on Mexican restaurants which deliver the real thing, rather than the dreadful Tex-Mex experience. I’ve travelled extensively in Mexico and adore the street food so I’m looking forward to trying Mestizo, situated between Warren Street and Camden Town.

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La Fosse, Cranborne

Here, in the southern county where so much fine produce is grown, the picturesque hamlet of Cranborne fields La Fosse, a restaurant with rooms designed to delight gourmet guests.

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