Monkey Tail Tablet Holder

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The accessory market for tablets and iPads is a pretty crowded place these days. There is certainly  no shortage of colourful gadgets and gizmos we can get to help us get the most out of them, mostly dreamt up by people who think of a solution first and then try to convince us we have a problem that needs fixing.

The reality is most of us use just one accessory; we carry our tablets in a protective case and use the flap to provide an angle to read them on a table. Simple. Job done.

But once in a while something comes along that is pure genius. Something simple yet infinitely useful which redefines the sector. OCTA’s Monkey Tail is just that. A device which brings a whole new world of potential to our tablets.51uFR4sPBtL._SL1500_

Perhaps inspired by the Gorilla leg pod stand, this is a metre long flexible gooseneck arm which attaches itself to the back of your tablet via a vacuum dock built around a suction cup allowing you to use your device in a variety of different ways. In other words an all-purpose positioning system.

If you stick it down the side of your car seat you instantly have in-car tv, in the gym you have your own screen to watch, if you coil it up you can use it on a table top, what if you are on a flight and you’re using your seat table for food or work, the Monkey Tail will let you watch something without taking up any space. The again if you’re completely alternative you might want to climb a tree and hang it from a branch to test the real extreme usability, remember it is called a Monkey Tail after all!

Then again, when you’re not using it you could just use it as a piece of art in your living room.

The Monkey Tail is a substantial piece of kit, the result of years of research and one of those accessories that for once answer a problem we already know about. The only drawback is the price tag, at £49.99 a trifle high for what is basically a tablet stand.

The OCTA Monkey Tail is available in the UK from Selfridges






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