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Golfers will understand this. Those shiny new leather or all-purpose gloves are lovely when you first wear them, then it’s all downhill from there unfortunately. Macwet gloves put a stop to all that though.

A sniff of rain or a dose of sweat later and you end up with a crinkly mess that becomes harder than stale bread when you go to re use them the next day. Then there’s the performance issues. When it rains, you find it impossible to grip a golf club properly and that means a miserable score is on the cards.

Could it really be possible for a glove to be a durable high performer in both wet and dry conditions? MacWet is an innovative new all purpose glove that promises outstanding grip in dry or wet conditions. This grip no slip promise is backed up by a 30 day money back guarantee so perhaps this is a product worth taking seriously.

The gloves, which come as a pair, are available in two seasonal options; Micromesh for summer offering added air circulation via an internal mesh system and Climatic, a fleece lined, water and wind resistant for the winter months. Added to this both versions are made with a material called Aquatec which guarantees maximum grip in all weather conditions.

Although the gloves can be used for all kinds of grip based sport, horse riding, biking, skiing you name it, using them for golf is perfectly acceptable. They look pretty much like standard golf gloves and they fit snugly on my hand.

On the day I tested mine, in Florida, there was both a tropical storm and boiling sun to contend with, so it was, as they say, the perfect storm.

The glove performed perfectly for me and I even posted a pretty good score too.

MacWet Gloves from £27.99




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