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The Grand Trunk Road Restaurant

05/10/2017 by .

The Grand Trunk Road may be one of Asia’s oldest and longest roads at 2,500 kilometres stretching from Kabul in Afghanistan to Chittagong in Bangladesh. But now it has a spur running through London’s leafy South Woodford in the shape of Grand Trunk Road restaurant.

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Manitoba Tigella London

26/09/2017 by .

It sounds like the Latin name for an obscure herb, but Manitoba Tigella is actually an authentic Italian restaurant freshly arrived in London’s New Oxford Street, the southern boundary of foodie Fitzrovia which has hitherto been a bit of a gastronomic desert.

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The Frog Restaurant

26/09/2017 by .

It was November 2014 when I last had the pleasure of Adam Handling. He was flushed with success at getting to the Professional Masterchef Final.

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The Vineyard Hotel Judgement of Paris Tasting Menu

13/09/2017 by .

Tucked away in a corner of prime Berkshire countryside may be a strange location to remember an incident that literally rocked the wine industry. Yet when you consider The Vineyard Hotel in Stockcross is pretty much all about the fruit of the vine, then it all makes sense.

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Petits Pois Restaurant

02/09/2017 by .

In these days of clean eating, a restaurant in right-on Shoreditch actually pushing meat is a rare treat  indeed.  

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Northall Restaurant

21/08/2017 by .

It’s not a long walk from The Corinthia London’s Bassoon Bar to the hotel’s Northall Restaurant, but it does offer an opportunity along the way to ogle at some pretty spectacular interior design on an epic scale.

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