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GWR First Class service  to Devon

26/04/2017 by .

The GWR First Class Lounge at London Paddington is unseasonably quiet for a Thursday morning as we wait for our direct train to Newton Abbot in south Devon. More than enough time to take advantage of a cup of tea and some fresh fruit and pastries.

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More Secret Skye

28/01/2017 by .

Secret  Skye

28/01/2017 by .

The most surprising thing about the Isle of Skye is that no matter how many times you visit, you never stop finding something you’d missed on previous visits.Here are a few off-the-beaten-track places you might otherwise pass by without knowing, and yet they will invest you with a true sense of place, something that takes you very much to the heart of Skye. This is Secret Skye

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Isle of Skye

26/01/2017 by .

Described on a visit in 1933 by the then Duke of York (later King George VI), as ‘the isle of kind and loyal hearts’, Eilean a’Cheo, the Isle of Mist, is second in size only to the Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. Such has been the sway of the Isle of  Skye on the senses of visitors that it has assumed other names, too: the Isle of Enchantment, the Isle of Mystery, the Isle of Fantasy. But it is most widely known also as An t-Eilean Sgiathanach, the Winged Isle, because it can be viewed as a great bird with outstretched pinions, about to seize on its prey.

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Lewes Bonfire Night Parade

21/11/2016 by .

Donald Trump is being pulled along by three Mexicans. A throng of burning crosses carve a path through the night. Flaming torch bearers chanting strange incantations pass by too close for comfort. Is this a scene from The Wicker Man? Have I stumbled onto a movie set or perhaps I’m simply hallucinating.  Such thoughts are not out of place, because this is the annual Lewes Bonfire Night Parade, it is very real and I am right in the middle of it.

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Malton Food Tour in North Yorkshire

06/09/2016 by .

Stuart Forster heads to Malton in North Yorkshire to participate in the inaugural Malton Food Tour. A gentleman wearing a cream coloured Malton Cookery School apron greets me with a cheery smile at the entrance to the Talbot Hotel. “I hope you’re hungry,” says Tom Naylor-Leyland, welcoming me onto the first Malton Food Tour.

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