easyJet conducts an Israel survey

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easyJet conducts an Israel survey to better understand their visitors’ impressions  of Israel as a holiday and business destination.

The survey based on two passengers per bookin was conducted last June and all the participants were first time flyers to Israel with easyJet.

To ensure the survey was an accurate portrayal of holidaymakers and visitors to Israel, anyone who declared they were an Israeli resident was excluded from the results.

The survey revealed:

  •  A third of people sampled said it was their first time visiting Israel (33%)
  •  41% of first time visitors were aged 35 or under
  •  75% of visitors were travelling purely for leisure, the remainder were on business or a mixture of both

The most popular activities for travellers were:

  • Visiting tourist destinations and historic sites (69%)
  • Spending time with friends and family (58%)
  • Relaxing, visiting beaches (53%) – The most popular option for those aged 35 or under (70%)

Other key findings revealed:

  •  The majority of people visited Israel for a short break of 5.5 days (39%)
  •  57% of people said they had a better impression of Israel following the visit
  •  78% of participants said they would revisit Israel.
  •  40% said they had already recommended visiting Israel to a friend with a further 42% saying they would recommend Israel to a friend




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