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Andy Mossack is a professional travel writer and broadcaster and has been writing about world travel for over 20 years. He is the founder and Managing Editor of the luxury travel site TripReporter and you can read him in national press, consumer lifestyle and airline magazines and travel web sites. He is the Travel Guru on BBC radio’s Late Show and presents Where in the world is Andy most weeks, a fun quiz where listeners try to guess just where in the world he is! Andy can also be seen and heard on BBC 5 Live, TalkSport and BBC News 24 and is a featured writer in the book 1001 Escapes to Make Before You Die. Andy also regularly lectures on world travel destinations for the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and provides consultancy services for hotels and tourist boards.

Moo Krata Thai BBQ and Hot Pot

22/01/2018 by .

Any lovers of a good Korean barbecue or a Thai hot pot will simply get the best of both worlds here. Moo Krata is the brainchild of Thai restaurant entrepreneur Fah Sundravorakul, whose Shuang Shuang hot pot restaurant on London’s Shaftesbury Avenue has been causing a bit of a stir, if you’ll forgive the pun.

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Stewart Golf R1-S Push Trolley

17/01/2018 by .

Manual trolleys have a deeply unfair rep in my opinion. While all the clubhouse talk is focussed on the latest electric models and battery life, the faithful manual trolley is something of a hermit, often lying cold and alone in the trolley shed. Yet these workhorses still do their rounds come rain and shine. And generally without a single moan.

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Jersey. World class.

15/01/2018 by .

Just imagine yourself on a soft sandy beach in a hidden cove perfectly proportioned in every way. just a mile or so from Saint Helier, Jersey’s capital; just you and the English Channel lapping gently on the shore.

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Bailey Pegasus Ancona Caravan

11/01/2018 by .

How does a new Bailey Pegasus Ancona compare to another caravan? We sent our test family of Carole and Jason and their young kids Evan and Andy to test it against their own Abbey Piper.

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British Airways trials self-service boarding.

02/01/2018 by .

British Airways has begun trialling self-service biometric boarding gates on international flights out of the USA at Los Angeles Airport.

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British Airways Launches Mandarin Speaking Team At Heathrow

19/12/2017 by .

British Airways has introduced Mandarin-speaking customer service representatives at Heathrow Terminal 5.

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